1. Clean Everything! A clean home will allow

buyers to picture themsleves in the space

and not distract them

2. Give every room a purpose - even if you

used it as a bonus room, giving it an identity

will help buyers.

3. Let the Light in! Bright rooms feel warm

and inviting, dark rooms can feel dark and


4. Fix anything that is broken. Buyers will

notice and may offer less if repairs are


5. Unclutter! Thinning out your closets and

pantries will show how much room is actually


6. Fresh paint and new carpet are the top 2

things that you can do to help your home sell.


7. Organize the Kitchen. Store amy nonessential

small appliances and clean all


8. Before your home is shown, empty all trash

bins and hide any dirty laundry.

9. Make sure all doors open and close


10. Replace unworking light bulbs and make

sure all switches work.